The old school, "women in business" workshops are out - put away your favorite blazer and pumps , you're not going to need them at SPBX Sleepover. This is the un-networking, networking event. This is more like attending a  pajama party in an ice cream shop (that serves wine) with your girlfriends - just so happens that you'll be taking away awesome tips for growing your business, while exploring self care and  empowerment. The best part? It all takes place on a level playing field so that everyone has the chance to share, explore and connect.  



SPBX Sleepover is designed to be a safe space where creative women can truly let their guard down in order to learn, share, network, make genuine connections and walk away a little more badass than when they arrived. No matter what phase of the entrepreneurial journey or creative process you may be in - you will leave with tangible take aways, and an actionable plan for progress while feeling inspired and ready to take on anything. There is absolutely no "business attire" required - in fact, it's not even allowed! 




wait, what?

After all, the best ideas are usually born from those last minute happy hours with a co-worker, or a late night dinner with your  co-founder.  Maybe you've had three hours of sleep in two days, or maybe you just haven't put on makeup in three days - but the vibes are high and the ideas are flowing freely. Those are the BEST nights, right?! No judgements, no intimidation, no pressure - just a solid pow wow that leaves you feeling super pumped.

SPBX Sleepover is basically a love child; half boss babes workshop, and half girls' wine night/dance party. The objective is to create a space for female creatives and entrepreneurs to connect on a genuine level. By throwing out the cute pumps and fancy business cards, everyone in attendance is able to genuinely interact without harboring preconceived notions. No sizing each other up, and no intimidation. Don't fret just yet, we've designed super cute business cards so you can still get the digits! 

No business cards. 

No business attire. 

Onesies or pajamas required.

(yes, it's real) 


Sign in and welcome reception


Doors close, grab your wine and get cozy!


Hear from inspirational guest speakers followed by a boss babes Q&A discussion panel


Break into assigned groups for workshop sessions

9:00pm - 10:30pm

Group 1: All business 

- Social media tips & tricks

- Networking 101

- Content creation

- SEO/webmaster check up

- Launch & event basics

- Take home workbook with tips, tricks, and actionable steps for growing your business

Group 2: Self care 

- Vision boarding

- Group meditation 

- Yoga and mindful breathing techniques to reduce stress

- Take home workbook filled with actionable, daily check-ins to keep yourself sane, plus meditation playlists and some of our fav podcast downloads  


Wine break!

11:00 - 12:30pm

Groups change gears and head to the opposite session


Midnight snack! All the best girls' night food will be served, including vegan options. Catered munchies include sliders, pizza, finger foods plus an ice cream sundae bar. 

1:00am - Dance 'till you drop

We'll wrap the night with (more) wine while letting loose with new friends. (There may or may not be karaoke) 


A light breakfast is served, including vegan options. Light bites include all the usual suspects. 


You don't gotta go home, but you can't stay here! 

Questions? Curious? Don't be scared! Feel free to drop us a line:

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