Top 5 marketing tools every startup, small business and nonprofit needs to know

When setting out to launch your startup, social venture, or even nonprofit, you may be operating on a shoestring budget at first - totally understandable! However, this can make it difficult to stay up-to-date and current with the latest apps, tips and tricks within the realm of digital marketing. When consulting with a new startup client, we make sure to execute a comprehensive audit of their social channels, and platform knowledge. Often times, we find that many of them are generally feeling their way through a dark room, waiting for the motion sensor to go off. Every social entrepreneur and small business owner should be utilizing the plethora of cost effective, modern applications available to them. During the first quarter of the new year, we made it a point to make sure everyone on the #spbxsquad was well versed in the latest applications. After making sure clients were up to speed and executing like a pro, we rounded up the feedback! Below is a list of the most LOVED budget friendly tech tools; perfect for maximizing your impact without breaking the bank.

1. RiteTag - Perfect for those who struggle with choosing the appropriate hashtags, as well as what platform they perform best on. Rite Tag is a tool which allows you to track the performance of your campaign hashtags in real time! As you type in prospective tags, they will become color coded to represent relativity. Take advantage of the dashboard which will show you how many people are using your hashtag on Twitter and Instagram, while enabling you to track trending hashtags.

2. Canva is every creatives budget friendly dream come true! Whether designing on desktop or mobile, there are endless options for themes, color schemes, and even stock photos. This app offers drag-and-drop features and the professional layouts enable users to easily design stunning graphics, documents and even info graphics. Seriously, you could get lost for hours. Even if you decide to upgrade your account for additional features later, the free version will definitely help you to hit the ground running.

3. Creatives Without Borders just might be a god send. This amazing pool of creatives connects nonprofits in need of graphic and web design skills with creatives that are willing to do the work pro-bono! All the creatives ask for in return is the satisfaction of a job well done, and maybe a little increased exposure for such a good deed. This is an absolute game changer for hosting events on a nonprofit budget - But don't forget to shout out your creative for all their hard work!

4. BrainyQuote is your one and done directory for inspirational quotes from thought leaders and celebrities alike. This app can be most useful for crafting your own web, email, and social media content. In need of some visually inspiring content for Instagram? You can easily gather a few wise words and create your own graphics featuring thought provoking quotes in under five minutes!

5. Bstow is everything. This relatively new mobile app allows users to easily roundup the loose change from credit and debit card purchases and have it automatically donated to their favorite nonprofits. Users can set a monthly limit and donate to any nonprofit in the United States. There is over 1.5 MILLION organizations to choose from! It's simple, easy and free to add your nonprofit to the list (if somehow it isn't already) which means you're literally just one email blast away from collecting loose change for your cause!

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