My experience as a SPBX PR summer intern

Our very own SPBX Summer interns share what they learned and what you can expect from your first PR agency internship - No coffee runs and filing papers over here!


University of Oregon

Public Relations Major

Working for SPBX has been one of the most pleasant and educational experiences I could have asked for as an intern. I wasn't even really sure what to expect walking in to a public relations agency for the first time. Before I arrived on my first day, I expected to just look over client accounts and follow any instructions we were given. The first day during orientation, we learned a lot about public relations and social media overall, plus we had a "welcome lunch" ordered in which was really cool! I like that we’re allowed to work as a team and consistently contribute to different client projects, plus we have had creative input when crafting all social platforms. I was so surprised at the amount of independent projects we get to work on. I didn’t know I would learn as much as I did; not only about strategic communications and brand development, but also about running your own business. DeeAnn, the Founder of the agency, is really big on transparency, so you really get to see the behind the scenes. I’ve realized that the most challenging part of this experience has been how much each client asks of the team at SPBX and how much everyone goes above and beyond for our clients. I loved being able to learn so much from DeeAnn directly and taking away her insight and extensive career experience. I learned more about social enterprises and how to creatively tie just about any brand to a good cause through events, partnerships, etc,. DeeAnn takes advantage of every moment to teach us something no matter the subject, and I truly appreciate how much she guides us. Any future interns will be so lucky to gain this career experience. The best piece of advice I would tell them is to keep up and pay attention because you might miss a great learning opportunity!


Texas Christian University

Business Marketing Major

Before I started as a SPBX PR Intern, I envisioned a company that runs different social media and PR channels for a range of clients. However, what surprised me the most was the variety of businesses that became our clientele. From a wellness center, an art studio, plus was interesting that we could use the same basic “marketing” principles and apply it to all of those different brands. The most challenging part for me was creatively coordinating social media platforms that fit different client’s brand and voice. For example, we represent a national corporation whose HQs are in Newport Beach so they wanted to incorporate a beach-y feel. It was a challenge to infuse that into their business side and keep it consistent. I learned that connections are everything. If you know more people and businesses, it is easier to collaborate. Also, unrelated businesses work together to spread their mission to others. Partnerships and collaborations are everything. My favorite part of this whole internship process was working together as a team on big and small projects. It made me realize how important teamwork is in a company setting. We each could talk about our points/ideas and expand off those. It invited an encouraging and creative environment. As a whole, I would say this was a fast-paced internship because we were working on a ton of outreach for White Light White Night which is a huge event for our nonprofit client, Walk With Sally, plus on-boarding new clients, producing photo shoots/content/copy, and also managing social media all at once. I enjoyed how DeeAnn picked interns that had strengths and weaknesses that complimented the other’s strengths and weaknesses. It left room for learning and growth. It feels like our team is constantly delving into new projects! My advice for future interns is, don’t be afraid to share your ideas out loud. It can be intimidating at first, but once you do, your ideas will be implemented or used for other ideas. Another piece of advice is to listen to DeeAnn- she would stop what she was doing to really explain to each of us the reason something is done a certain way and the next steps in the process. That was beyond helpful- most internships expect you to just do a task without giving proper directions or an explanation of why. As a whole, I am beyond appreciative of this internship. It taught me how to handle a range of projects with a cohesive team. Oh and bonus- there's lots of snacks in the office, haha!


Cal Poly, Pamona

Marketing Major

Before I started, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve worked for some horrible bosses but I believe DeeAnn is a great boss, I could definitely see her as a mentor. She’s humble, respectful, caring, and hardworking. These are important qualities I value and it’s been a great summer to work with her and the team at SPBX. There is always obstacles to face during work but the most challenging part for me would be coming up with different ways to attract the eye of the consumer like through social media. Whether it’s coming up with a cool caption or designing a graphic, it was tough for me to be able to choose something that I believed would be good to showcase for the public. Throughout this internship, I learned that hashtags are very crucial if you want your audience to engage more. Also, color schemes for branding on Instagram makes a huge difference and overall is more visually appealing. I don’t really have a favorite part working here, because each day that I have worked here has always been great. I would never feel stressed before or leaving work because we always work hard while on the job and I believe we all work hard as a team. Other than school, I’ve never experienced working towards a goal with a team before and it feels very rewarding each time we accomplish something. My advice for future interns, would be to not be afraid to speak up and ask questions. Everyone's in it together. As a boss, DeeAnn is really here to help, and there’s never a wrong answer with her. She’s always open to hearing suggestions or opinions and loves for everyone to collaborate. Also, work well with your interns and use each other’s strengths because you each are working hard together, not individually. Best summer internship ever!

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