Should your brand make the switch from Instagram to Vero?

In case you've been on some sort of social media hiatus, you should know there's a new social sharing app in town called Vero, and fans are adamant that it just might be the death of Instagram. Now of course, that's a bold statement, especially given that we've been down this road before. There's definitely a long list of "flash in the pan" apps who have previously tried to overthrow the king. Periscope, anyone?? It's crazy to think about now, but there once was a time when streaming, or just video sharing in general, was super innovative. Marketers, influencers and brands alike were worn thin, trying to keep up in hopes of getting in early and capitalizing on the next big thing - ultimately, to be disappointed.


Here's the thing, as a general rule of thumb for social strategy, we always recommend maximizing "the big three" platforms, typically Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Although those are interchangeable, the point is, your audience is unique and most likely won't be active on all the things, all the time. Define your target demo, and focus on building a strong community across the platforms that best align with that audience. Being a social hopper is very much like being a relationship hopper - it can be risky business. Your following, no matter how big or small at the moment, is your following. These are your people! This is the community that you've built, they like you, they trust you, and they're comfortable (for the time being) right where you guys are. It should go without saying, that even if you encourage your community to make the move with you, it's likely to be slow going for awhile.

That being said, remember the launch of Instagram Stories? Influencers completely lost their minds, and rightfully so! For SO long, brands had been encouraging their community to "see their Snapchat story" for a behind the scenes look, vacation details, etc,. With the introduction of Stories, we were faced with the decision of what to share and where - do you split the content up or just share to both? (adding to your work load BTW).. Such a headache, and especially difficult since the two platforms looked almost identical. Originally, we saw a ton of people voicing a strong opposition to utilizing Stories, and now...well, Kylie Jenner said what we were all thinking, right? RIP.

Vero seems to have all the familiar symptoms of a unicorn - it's basically Instagram on steroids. You can still share photos as usual, only with Vero we get the addition of sharing text only posts, links to articles you'd like to share, video, and even music. Yes, you read that right - it feels a lot like a Facebook/Instagram hybrid. Here's the kicker: Vero's mission is to keep social sharing real and truthful - no ads, no algorithms, nada. You see and share only what you want to see and share, and so far they are pledging to keep it that way forever. It's really reminiscent of the Instagram good 'ol days, which we can all agree, were ah-mazzziggg! After all, how annoying is it that we have basically become a slave to a platform that realistically is just a big bully? Instagram is NOTHING like it used to be, definitely NOT what we originally signed up for, and quite frankly, the constant algorithm updates are not helping the relationship. Everyday users are growing increasingly annoyed, and brands are fed up with being squeezed for more and more money just to stay visible.

Because of all this, we're (kinda) rooting for Vero. At least for the time being - who doesn't love a good underdog story? Once upon a time, we couldn't imagine trading the comfort of Myspace (customizable pages?!) for Facebook. Now, that all seems like a distant memory, so perhaps a revolution actually is possible?

At the end of the day, Instagram isn't exactly nurturing it's existing relationships, and Vero seems to be welcoming folks with open arms. The app is offering a FREE subscription for life to the first one million users who sign up. This may be your chance to be grandfathered in to the next big thing, but only time will tell. What are your predictions? We recently decided to try it out!

Vero is available for download now via the App Store and Google Play.

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