The best branding questions you may not be asking

When it comes to brand development, one of the biggest hurdles for businesses of all shapes and sizes can be locking in your brand's identity. We're only human, so its totally normal to foster varying likes and interests, but that can also make it difficult to fine tune your voice, and hone in on your target audience. As a person you might enjoy exploring street art in DTLA, but does that mean as a brand you should be using a graffiti style type face? Probably not. With so many options on the table, the struggle to stay cohesive can be all too real, and feeling overwhelmed from time to time just comes with the territory. If you want to actually BE outside of the box, you have to THINK outside of the box.

Here is a list of our top three questions to ask when brainstorming a new client's brand development:

1. Can you name three major personality traits of your brand?

- Clearly defining the "vibe" that best suits your client's vision enables you to narrow down a target market. Who relates to your brand's story? What does the ideal consumer do for fun? What are they spending money on? Understanding your major traits is paramount in establishing a solid foundation for continued brand development moving forward.

2. Ideally, how are you perceived by your target consumer? As an advocate? Expert? Champion for a cause?

- This will help you to "categorize" your voice. Often times we over think color pallets, and visual appeal; sacrificing a brand's core values and beliefs. It's important to think of your mission statement and remember why you started. How can you effectively communicate with your audience if you're not even sure how you'd like to be perceived?

3. Our FAV- Imagine you could be any celebrity.. Who are you? What car are you driving? And where are you going?

- This has proven to be shockingly insightful. We once had a client answer with, "Jennifer Lawrence, driving a Tesla, heading to a beach volleyball tournament". You can literally picture the vibe and voice with this one!

Happy Branding!