How to use Instagram to relax

Let's face it, it's 2016, and in this day and age laying in bed next to your significant other while scrolling through your phone is the modern day equivalent to the old school husband and wife reading a book or newspaper before lights out. Unfortunately, the latter is actually more beneficial in terms of shutting down the brain, while the 2016 version is most likely just depriving us of precious beauty sleep even more.

Laying in bed reading an actual book is great because not only is your brain function set to repetitive mode (ever heard of counting sheep?) but the pages of the book are most likely neutral colors, whereas our modern day devices are basically a full-fledged assault on our senses. Opening late night emails, reading your horoscope, shopping Amazon Prime, scrolling through social media; all of these "mindless" acts are really just amping up your brain activity even more.

So does this mean we are all damned to life of inevitably sleepless nights? Not necessarily. Science has proven that visuals with cooler color pallets have a calming affect on the brain. Same goes for images of puppies and various other soft, non-threatening objects. So without further ado, below is a list of our top 3 Instagram accounts guaranteed to help you unwind:

1. @landscapephotomag - A perfectly curated collection of beautiful landscape photos, set to a pleasing, cool tone color pallet.

2. @babyanimalinstagram - The widest variety of soft and fluffy baby animals on IG. Enough said.

3. @bloomwellandco - Who can be uptight looking at beautiful blooms? Everything pretty, soft, and delicate can be found on this IG. It's non-aggressive nature is perfecting for releasing the days stresses and finally relaxing.

-Sweet dreams, sweet cheeks!

Got another great tip for winding down? Let us know below!

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